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It’s time for new vision and leadership. I’m a Syrian-Immigrant and small business owner who has a record of delivering results for our community. Join our campaign. Let’s fight back against divisive politics and get things done for the people of Thornton and Northglenn.

With blessing and gratitude to all,

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About Sam

Sam came to the United States 35 years ago with $360 in his pocket. He left war-torn Syria – a country ravaged by dictatorship, for freedom and an opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

Here in the United States, Sam met the love of his life, Michelle, who works at a non-profit for at-risk youth. They have lived in Thornton for 28 years, where they operate a small business and raised their two adult children; Denyse, a frontline worker, and Nick, who runs the family-business. Their kids are products of a strong public education, attending Horizon High School and both graduating from CU Boulder. Sam and his wife taught them the values of taking pride in their heritage, giving back to our community, and doing what’s right.

Sam was privileged to serve on the Thornton City Council for the past eight years where he successfully fought for and increased our open spaces, delivered on his promise to seniors to fund the Trail Winds Recreation Center, brought more affordable housing to the city, and supported funds for Thornton school-based health centers throughout the on-going pandemic.

We have more work to do and Sam is the leader we can count on to deliver results. As the owner of a minority-owned business, Sam has fought back when the deck has been stacked against him. He has never wavered in the face of adversity and we can trust Sam to fight for us in the state house.

Supported by community organizations
A strong reputation

Sam is Proudly Endorsed by Our Community Leaders

Sherry Goodman

Former Thornton City Councillor

Sandra Wolfe

Community Activist

Lois Tochtrop

Former State Senator

Karen Bigelow

Thornton City Councilwoman

Kathy Henson

Thornton City Councilwoman

Dr. Jacque Phillips

Former City Councilwoman

Kate Miya

Community Activist & Educator

Chaz Tedesco

Adams County Commissioner

John Alge

Community Activist

Rick Reigenborn

Adams County Sheriff

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